2019 Honda CRF250RX: Blog #2

The Honda CRF250RX got its first outing at the Brechfa Rally in March. It was brutal on two accounts – the weather, and the high speeds...

Wednesday 20th March 2019

Hey, we did the Brechfa Rally. It was a great event. Day One was savaged by harsh winter weather – rain all day, 50mph winds that were blowing down the trees around us – it was a slog to get to the end. Day two, the sun shone for the first two laps, for the last lap the rain and wind returned making it a cold end to the event. The conditions certainly made for a high rate of attrition, about half the entry DNF’d. But the fun and camaraderie were never in doubt. Well organised event too, by a super-friendly club.

The CRF250RX got its baptism. We started slow, letting the engine loosen up and bedding in the suspension. Slowly got to know the bike, too. It’s a natural fit for most, amazingly easy going and accommodating, it’ll do fast or slow equally and so is a good fit for either the clubman or the expert. This being a rally with plenty of ‘fire roads’ the wee beast got wrung out quite a bit – and what a noise the twin exhausts make when you do that. We’ve put together – rather hastily – the attached video so you can listen; she’s a wee screamer for sure. But there’s pull to go with the rev.

We did more. The day after Brechfa we got out again and tested the CRF back-to-back with a 2019 Yamaha WR250F – for that you’ll have to check in with RUST #42 when we publish that in a few weeks’ time. But for now, the CRF is all washed-up and lubricated again. An oil and filter change is next, a change of tyres to follow, and hopefully an enduro soon. Only after the JB knee has recovered, that is – it’s a bit swollen right now…  

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