Cooper Webb did it again. The rest just dictated their excuses to their press officers…

Tuesday 5th March 2019

What the heck? Cooper Webb is fast becoming a runaway train. His rivals need to start turning their season around or this could be the story of the year.




Cooper Webb. Let’s make this short. He took the holeshot and was never headed. Occasionally Marvin Musquin and Blake Baggett got within striking distance, but each time Webb pulled away again – and Marv needs to brush up on his combat skills…


Blake Baggett. Kudos to Baggett, fifth last week, second and podium (again) this week. And looking comfortable too. Roczen, Tomac and Musquin have created a vacuum – Baggett’s filling it.


Marvin Musquin. Marv’s still not found his groove. He can speed it up and he can slow it down but this season passing seems to be his biggest issue. ‘Specially when it comes to the ones that matter – for the lead. He’s obviously a top rider, but right now he’s not a winner, and he needs to be, soon.


Ken Roczen. Ken is still playingGentle Ken, he’s not fighting for position, if he’s fast enough he’ll move forward, if he isn’t he’ll shuffle back. More chess player than gladiator. It keeps him in the game, but as RC says every night: every point counts. And Ken keeps giving them away.


Aaron Plessinger. Hey, that’s more like it. A rookie putting in the effort, going fast, falling down (deep sand turns can be tricky) then fighting back. Fifth place is a just reward. Podium next – heck, it’s totally possible the way the top guys are going (Webb aside).  

The others

Eli Tomac’s sixth was not convincing.A winner last week, out of it this – and way out. He started 13th and made it up to sixth – only all through the race he was losing time on Webb and Co at the front, 24-seconds down at the finish is a bad result. Zach Osborne is back! Only nothing’s going right. Not at all.



RUST’s predictions for Daytona: Daytona is like the Outdoors compared to all the rest of the rounds of the supercross series. And that kind of mixes it up. We’re putting Baggett in for the win, then, with Plessinger and Savatgy making up the podium. Webb will be close though, inside the top six and barely giving one or two points away to his rivals. Roczen top six, too. Musquin as well. Tomac – anyone’s guess.




East meets West for the first time in 2019. And West wins. Austin Forkner looked good for a while there, but Adam Cianciarulo is The Man in 250s this year. Impressive to see Dylan Ferrandis showing his speed and determination. A funny old night. Chase Sexton looking good but fading. Shane McElrath and Colt Nichols sharing track the whole race but lifting only from 8-9th to 6-7th. Justin Cooper had moments when he looked exciting and so justifiably rose up the East ranks into second. But mostly a quiet night in the 250s!


RUST’s predictions for Daytona: Austin Forkner to win. Sexton and Cooper to chase him home.




2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross

Round 9, Atlanta, GA



1. Cooper Webb KTM 26 laps

2. Blake Baggett KTM +1.167

3. Marvin Musquin KTM +2.141

4. Ken Roczen Honda +18.325

5. Aaron Plessinger Yamaha +20.418

6. Eli Tomac Kawasaki +23.935

7. Justin Brayton Honda +34.863

8. Dean Wilson Husqvarna +37.986

9. Joey Savatgy Kawasaki +42.079

10. Cole Seely Honda 25 laps


450SX standings after eight rounds

1. Cooper Webb 199 points

2. Ken Roczen 186

3. Marvin Musquin 1821

4. Eli Tomac 177

5. Blake Baggett 142



250SX East/West

1. Adam Cianciarulo W Kawasaki 20 laps

2. Dylan Ferrandis W Yamaha +4.821

3. Austin Forkner E Kawasaki +11.301

4. Chase Sexton E Honda   +14.015

5. Justin Cooper E Yamaha +16.444


250SX East standings after four rounds

1. Austin Forkner 99 points

2. Justin Cooper 81

3. Chase Sexton 79

4. Jordon Smith 70

5. Alex Martin 60


250SX West standings after six rounds

1.Adam Cianciarulo 140 points

2. Dylan Ferrandis 125

3. Shane McElrath 123

4. Colt Nichols 120

5. RJ Hampshire 86


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