Warren's still riding the new 2020 KTMs as we write this. He telephoned in the following first impressions on the 450EXC-F

Tuesday 21st May 2019

So what are the new 2020's like? Straight after his first ride on the new 450EXC-F our man Warren M. telephoned in this report (of course he could have sent a telegram, or a letter by Air Mail, or a carrier pigeon, but this being the 21st century he chose the most up to date means of communication...!)

"Wow, the new 450 is transformed! The new suspension set-up is the best yet on the 450, it feels substantially different to previous years – positive, plush and not twitchy at all. First part of the stroke is now super-plush. The frame geometry hasn't changed, but the work KTM has done with modifying the stiffness of the frame and with the suspension has meant the bike now feels well balanced and I noticed it feels a lot more secure going up and down the hills here.

"Ergonomically, the new seat is softer, which is nice, and the repositioning of the radiators makes the bike feel slimmer around the front. Not so sure I'm fully happy with the handlebars, but this is really personal preference.

"In all, having been recently riding the last 450EXC-F in Portugal, this feels like a significant advancement."


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