ALSO SEEN AT THE 2019 BETA ENDURO LAUNCH - The X-Trainer is like an enduro-lite – a little shorter, a little milder than your regular enduro – and so all the more attractive it would seem...

Beta XTrainer

Hey, what a cool bike! I got confused thinking the XTrainer I rode had a detuned 300 motor, but it was instead a detuned 250 (apparently the XTrainer comes in 250 and 300cc variants). And yet it still felt so nicely torquey, like a gentle 300 – and that’s nice.

The chassis, the whole feel is that of a bike that’s 80% what an RR300 is. You can feel the familial resemblance, but the ride is smaller, softer and very nicely controllable. There’s almost a trials bike feel to it, but given modern trials bikes are akin to a pogo-stick with less accommodations, then maybe that’s not the correct comparison. Point being, at Hell’s Gate this was quite a cool bike to have.

And it was also a fair bit of fun to ride in the grass test, curiously. Maybe because it rides lower to the ground, like an old scrambles bike, it feels easier to push around and lay over in the corners. Mentally it started to occupy a similar headspace to the RR200 – and definitely there are character traits that the two share. But equally they’re facing in opposite directions. The RR200 will make the better competition bike, the XTrainer will make the better trail bike.

There are so many people this bike will suit. The older rider. The Long Distance Trials rider. The extreme rider. The smaller rider. The newbie. It’s a great bike and having now ridden it I’m not at all surprised to find it’s Beta UK’s top selling model.


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