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RUST is a free online digital magazine, a website, a community – a brand, even. Born from the embers of Trailbike & Enduro Magazine (TBM) it speaks to off-road and adventure bike enthusiasts the world over, working with journalists and riders from the world over. RUST prides itself in being inclusive; one world, one passion. In RUST we ride, we share, we learn. And we enjoy!


is The Publisher. Regaled by Grandpa about motorcycles and living free from age 5. Result: Anarchist only happy racing full throttle at weekends. First love, a twin shock 1979 RM 125T. Childhood heroes: Malcolm Smith then David Bailey. Once lost a bike on a trail ride in the mountains around Cape Town after running out of fuel and never found it again. Broke his back racing a KTM 525 in the desert in Australia in 2001. No riding for five years turned him into a proper old grouch. Bought TBM on a whim in 2015 and started RUST with JB and the team. Been a much nicer bloke since. The Safa born Australian (soon also to be a Brit) lives in Guernsey with his wife, son and cat. Favourite quote: The older I get, the faster I was.


is The Editor. JB was the founding editor of Moto X magazine, and former editor of Enduro Extreme, Motorcycle Sport & Leisure and Kiwi Rider (two of which are now defunct – that's publishing in the 21st century for you). He is a former winner of the New Zealand Dusk-till-Dawn Dog Sled Race (eight-dog class) and once edited Good Woodworking Magazine. Seeing him ride (don't even think about asking him to fix some shelves) we think maybe he should have stuck with the dogs...


is The Test Rider. Worthy of those capital letters too – a former outright European and British enduro champion, with multiple ISDE gold medals to his name, Tom knows his Moose from his mousse. Most importantly he knows how to make a dirt bike work and as a pro-level welder if it doesn't then he'll make it work...


is The Francophile. A gastronomic refugee living in Paris, Chris was born in England to a New Zealand mother and a Welsh father and is now based in France (which gives him impeccable enduro genetics). He can also, as a consequence of that lot, claim the winning side of any rugby match.

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