With the Tough One 2019 just days away, RUST remembers arguably the toughest Tough One ever – 2012, when it ran into the night...

The 14th Tough One hard enduro is this weekend. The venue, Nantmawr Quarry on the Welsh Borders, is currently dusted with snow, frosted with ice, so it should be a great one. Tough, as it says.


But will it match what RUST thinks was probably the toughest Tough One ever? The 2012 edition was spectacular, for this was the year when organizer Steve Ireland (of WOR Events) had the notion of running the main event deep into the night. He also ran what has to have been one of the most perilous descents ever, when the top guys were tipped over the lip of the quarry down an iced path with a 100’ cliff edge at the bottom. Horrendous in daylight, what it must have been in the dark only those who know can remember (the marshals ran a spot light along the trail just in front of the riders to help light their way). The stuff of recurring nightmares we’re sure..


In the end it was a victorious night for that grand master Graham Jarvis, who was then riding Husaberg (fond memories there too), from Wayne Braybrook – an early master of extreme – and a then young Ben Hemingway! This weekend Jarvis will be trying for his sixth T1 win, to match who else but David Knight – who’ll also be riding, this time on a Suzuki…


Anyway, here are our shots from that toughest of Tough Ones. Enjoy.

Ben Hemingway (12) in the pack at the start

Wayne Braybrook on an 'easier'  descent

It wasn't that easy though!

Sketchy as it was, momentum helped

The big descent, iced, near-vertical (you couldn't brake for the first 15-feet) with a cliff edge below – how no one went over that we can only wonder...

Graham Jarvis on the big descent

Danny McCanney dabbles in extreme – back then on Gas Gas

And so... into the night

Wayne Braybrook (2nd) before and after...

Graham Jarvis (1st) at the finish, interviewed by the incomparable Jack Burnicle

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