RUST 32 – in fact our 45th issue – will be with you soon. Here's a taster of what's inside


‘work in progress’

Yes, it’ll be with you soon. Next week soon!

We’ve been busy, you see.

More web-stuff

For a start you might have noticed the increase in content here on the website, where – as we promised – we’re now uploading our archive materials from the last 20 years. Stuff that’s great to see again and stuff that’ll be useful to all – bike tests and the like that may well come in handy if you’re contemplating a second-hand buy. As well, we’ll be working hard to bring back plenty of our travel stories, for when it comes to picking a destination for your next must-do ride it’s good to find some inspiration, some source material. So that’s ongoing…

The next issue

Yes, RUST 32 – we were coming to that. It’ll be a belter as you might discern from the accompanying teaser images. Quickly, here’s the main thrust of what’s coming…

Scramblers! Hmm, back when I were a lad and (briefly) a member of the Horsham Schoolboy Scrambles Club, scramblers didn’t look like this. Roger De Coster never rode nothing like this, eh? Of course ‘when I were a lad’ is going on four decades ago now, today scramblers are all things to all men, and here we have two takes on the modern concept, a Street Scrambler and a Desert Sled. Full marks there to Triumph for honesty and to Ducati for imagination. So what are they about? Well, that’s the story.

200 That’s not 300 on a tighter budget, no Spartans here. No, we’re looking at KTM’s much venerated and recently departed 200EXC, a clubman’s enduro weapon of choice for a good 20 odd years, near enough. This one is ours, and it’s been prepared to within in inch of its life and in doing that we’ve been learning lots about making this wee racer sing. So this will be us sharing that knowledge. Well, Part 1 of that knowledge – for as you know, we never do anything lightly, so it’ll be a two-parter!

GP? Is it that anymore, or is it EWC again, or WEC, or just the enduro world championship? Nobody’s sure. But all the boardroom machinations made no difference to the on-track action, which remained red hot as the 2017 season wound to a close. So in issue 32 we’ll have RUST’s end-of-year report, chapter and verse…

Freestylin’ Our Tom Tom rolls out of bed straight into a new model launch. Zero air miles, could we be any greener? Okay, don’t answer that. Anyway Mr Sagar finds a KTM product launch camped on his back doorstep in mid-Wales, so it would be rude not to. The bike? The new Freeride 250F. Can it find mainstream acceptance? We’ll find out.

So there you have it. That’s just some of what’s coming up in RUST 32. And it’ll be with you soon. As my dad used to say: Have patience, my son…

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