RUST #33 will be with us soon, here's a taster of what's to come...

RUST #33

‘coming soon!

And yes,  RUST #33 will bring you more, so much more


Sport Heritage!  Quite what that means we’re not sure, but we’ve taken two Yamaha 900s for a lovely spin on British winter roads to see just what happens when cultures collide.


Extreme provocation. What happened when Taddy Blazusiak and Jonny Walker got together for a wee chat.


200. The second part of Warren’s ultimate KTM 200EXC build.


DC. David Castera has lived many lives: top extreme enduro rider, top Dakar racer, top Dakar course director, top Dakar co-driver and now top (it had to be ‘top’) desert rally organiser. We speak to DC as he takes over the Rallye du Maroc.


Snow Joke? The Alps in mid-winter, the perfect venue for a motorcycle race, wouldn’t you say?


Kyrgyzstan. Where? The Stan you’ve never heard of is probably the best adventure ride you’ve yet to enjoy.


And more. You know, the regulars, including long termers and products, and the editor’s waffle…



The RUST website has so much more content these days. But were not stopping development yet. As you read this our development team are working flat out on the next phase of our expansion which we hope to launch within the month – and when that’s done there’ll be another phase yet. So stand by…

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