Hey – a new website!

WELCOME to RUST's new website. Since RUST's launch in November 2015 we've been building to this. And building to more – this is just one of the intermediate goals along the way to setting up RUST as a definitive off-road and leisure motorcyling resource.

With this website we're looking to at last unite our present – RUST – with our past, TBM. For RUST has over 20 years in this wonderful pasttime through its previous life as Trail Bike & Enduro Magazine (TBM) which means there's a vast archive of past motorcycle tests and features as well as interviews and other articles such as how to's and the like. As time moves along we'll be bringing more and more of those back to life through the pages of this website.

AS WELL we'll be cross-publishing our new articles, so they'll appear here in one form, in our digital magazine in another, with additional material, such as video, being published through channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twiiter.

IMPORTANTLY we need to define who we are. RUST enjoys many facets of motorcycling, from motocross through to enduro to trials, but also we're heavily into our adventure riding and we can't deny the appeal of the new trend for 'heritage' motorcycling, be that the cafe racer or the genuine historic bike.

RUST speaks with a mature voice because we are mature – guys who have been around long enough to remember firsthand the twinshock era, who've transitioned to linkage suspension (and back – thanks KTM!), who value disc brakes having known the horrors of the hub and shoe, who love the carburettor but know that fuel injection is the now. Guys who can appreciate the rise of the electric bike, but question whether it is truly our future. Only we're not all old here at RUST, we've youth in our number too – but youth who are wise beyond their years it seems. We can all learn from each other...

RUST, ultimately, is about the fun. This is our leisure, it needs to be enjoyable, we love the craic as much as the ride. And we love the company; at RUST we won't stand for elitism, and we want to break down national barriers. It's one world – we're all in this together. In RUST we ride, we share, we learn. And we laugh.

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