100% Accuri Forecast Mud goggle

The 100% Accuri mud goggle is the brand's top of the line extreme weather solution – their best yet?

100% Accuri Forecast Mud goggle review

RRP: £69.99 / $75.00



Warren’s been all very flash sporting his new Scott Prospect WFSs on our recent rides, but actually I’ve not been envying him as I’ve had a new set of 100% Accuri Forecast Mud goggles to wear, and as much as I can see Warren has some of the best kit on the market, these 100% goggles, for approximately half the cost, provide an excellent service.

The thing about 100% is that they have a huge range that is dedicated to moto. And while I’m wearing them for trail and enduro I’ve seen JB very happy riding in his 100% Racecraft goggles for adventure. The quality is good, both in terms of frame (comfort) and lens (optically). I’ve previously tested their entry-level Strata goggle (in a blue frame with a clear lens) which at around £24.99 ($25.00) is still a good performer. Meanwhile, these Accuri Forecast Mud goggles are near the top of their range priced at around £70 / $75 complete with roll off system. I also like that 100% use the same lenses in all their ranges and with replacement lenses starting at just £7 / $10 for a clear lens this again makes their offerings very affordable, no matter which frame you have.

Now the Forecast roll-off system on the Accuri goggles is in essence the same roll-off system that has been around for years on other makes of goggles but in this instance 100% have made the film wider and the roll-off action smoother, so it’s really not that far off the Scott WFS system Warren’s been enjoying. It works well, although I’ve had more sust than mud to contend with!

Now I note these are a mud goggle and for that reason the foam is very light to allow good airflow and this combined with the anti-fog coat on the Lexan lens should make for clear view in the worst conditions. But for dry dusty conditions I’d swap to 100%’s Racecraft goggles which have an upgraded three layered foam around the frame to keep out the dust, and, if I’m honest, also fit me better.

The 100% range of goggles are very good value for money and do what they are meant to. And with my high rate of use I can’t afford to constantly wear out expensive stuff. So for me, they’re a go-to choice on both price and quality.

Pedro Matos

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