Acerbis Profile 3.0 Helmet

The Profile 3.0 helmet from Acerbis is a keenly priced model from the lower end of their range but offers plenty of features for your 100 quid

The first time I wore this was at the snow covered Brechfa Rally back in March which was a good test of the ventilation going from freezing cold faster road sections to boggy, warmer technical sections deep in the woods with big fluctuations in body temperature. The large, adjustable peak and front and rear ventilation offered plenty of airflow in the woods.

A few weeks later I was back in Wales again doing the Ducati DRE experience on a warm May afternoon. Technical, low speed big bike riding in the summer is about as warm as you are ever going to get and I appreciated the lightweight, well-vented nature of the lid.

At this end of the market you are getting a plastic shell but the Profile 3.0 does benefit from a removable/washable liner that is also hypoallergenic and very comfortable. It maybe doesn’t offer the ultimate protection of some higher end lids but having crashed hard and going over the bars wearing an older model of Acerbis helmet I can to testify to the fact that these lids do the job when asked.

If you are on the hunt for a well priced lid for some trail or enduro riding take a look at the Profile 3.0 or for an extra £50 consider the Acerbis Impact which offers slightly more ventilation, a plusher lining and also comes in a Carbon option.


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