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What I like about the Tech 7s is the simplicity, there’s no inner bootie, no pivot, nothing fancy, just a boot. Of course they are fancy – Alpinestars developed an injection moulding process to make this boot (and others in the range), that offers a dual compound foot shell that also integrates a toe protector and steel shank. They’ve thought about ease of use too, so the boot opens wide to allow easy getting on and off. Then there’s stuff we struggle to visualize, like a TPU (what?) ankle protection system incorporating a biomechanical link between middle and bottom sections. Well, apparently TPU is a form of plastic, while biomechanical pertains to the structure and movement of living organisms. Yeah, fancy stuff.

But do I like the Tech 7s to wear? Pretty much. They are indeed a no-nonsense boot and the moulding of them gives them something of a moon boot feel, they are soft and yielding and yes are comfortable for long periods. However, the lining, which is also moderately padded, does hold water and so they do take some drying out (longer than the Formas) which makes them a soggy proposition at times. And they lack the precision feel of a handmade boot. So I like them, but I can’t love them. They should be cheaper than they are, too. The latest alloy buckles work well at least, I like those a lot. Overall a good boot, certainly, but not great. JB

We give these boots three stars.

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