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The Tech 8 deserves its own Wikipedia page, it’s been around long enough. Heck I recall Ricky Carmichael kicking around in these as long ago as 2000 (yeah, 17 years ago!) – it’s been one remarkable run.

The reason they’ve been around so long, though, is because they are so good, for me these are still the standout boot in the Alpinestars range – better than the top of the line Tech 10 for my money.

It’s probably because they’re made the old fashioned way, with the stitched sole, and because the toe section is that much slimmer (than the injection moulded boots) which makes them that bit more tactile in use – and there’s a fit and finish to these boots that puts them in the top echelon.

The latest version, the RSs, introduced in 2015, come with the latest alloy buckle design – which is a vast improvement on A-stars’ old buckles which would jam given the slightest bit of dirt – and a full bootie (where before there was just a sole and a couple of ankle pads).


Comfort is very good, although the slim insole – which aids feel – means they’re not necessarily a choice as an all day boot. For enduro great, but for 10 hours or more (adventure riding) they lack a little padding. As said, feel is also excellent and details like the rubber (sorry, soft polymer) gaiter around the top of the boot speak of considered design. And yes, I’d have another pair when these ones are done. JB

We give these five stars!

Alpinestars – Roger De Coster wore them

Alpinestars started in 1963, making hiking and skiing boots. The name derives from Stella Alpina a flower found in the mountains close to Asolo, where A-stars still live. Founded by Sante Mazzarolo, the company is still family owned, being run by his son, Gabriele.

Sante worked with five-time world champion Roger De Coster to create their first motocross boot. Today A-stars have branched out into all manner of sporting protective equipment, although motorcycle racing remains core to the brand.


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