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Husqvarna Zirconium rear sprocket $119.75

What are they?

Ultra lightweight, yet extremely durable sprockets, made from chromoly steel which is heat treated, nickel/chrome or zirconium plated and laser etched, made to a minimalist design so as to weigh just 16-18oz. Dirt Tricks researched aerospace steels, heat treatments and applied stress analysis before settling on the materials and design. These sprockets are designed to match alloy sprockets for weight, but last a full season of hard riding.

How do they rate?

Warren M.: I have the zirconium plated version of the Dirt Tricks sprocket, which is 2oz lighter even than their standard superlight sprocket, while the zirconium coating allows 50% less friction and adds even more durability. The finish is all-bling too, this is a minimalist yet shiny item. I love the advanced thinking behind these sprockets, the design is 21st century where I see most other sprockets are unchanged from those we had decades ago. The sprocket looks trick because it is – but it last and performs exactly as Dirt Tricks say. I’ve done a lot of hours on mine now and there’s simply no visible sign of wear and the coating still looks box fresh. So while it is quite a lot more expensive than most of the rivals it’s offering so much more. Just excellent!

We give them a five star rating

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