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What are they?

Hand guards are what they are; the shields are made from flexible plastic, while the mounting brackets are made from robust billet aluminium. Handily you can buy the parts separately, which can make replacement after breakage that bit cheaper. There’s a good array of colours too, to match just about all brands.

How do they rate?

Warren M.: Here’s another product I rate highly. These are strong enough and big enough to effortlessly brush away roost and branches without being so big as to act like proverbial barn doors. Together with the ARC flexible levers they offer enough protection and security that I’m of the opinion full wrap-around bush guards are no longer needed. By the way, I crash fairly often (!) so I can tell you they’ve been given regular workouts. Recently I crashed so hard as to bend the handlebar mounting bolts, but the Fastways just shrugged the crash off. The quality is excellent. Love them!

We rate them five stars!

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