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What is it?

A replacement for the stock linkage but with the added benefit of an integral guard that means the linkage and bottom shock mount don’t take direct blows where you might be dragging over rocks or logs. As well there’s adjustability in the linkage by way of alternative inserts for the front link. Machined from 6061 aluminium, the linkage guard was developed in conjunction with Stillwell Performance.

How does it rate?

Warren M.: The protection is excellent, the guard is virtually indestructible and there’s no more snagging on logs or rocks – in fact I’ve never jammed on anything with the linkage guard fitted. The options on the inserts work well too. I ran standard for the Welsh Two Day, all good there. I then ran a 2mm insert for the R3 rally which lent more stability for the faster going. This setting has other effects too, as it effectively lowers the seat height by half an inch and by way of altering the linkage ratio it stiffens the initial stroke on the shock too. One kind of offsets the other there. Unfortunately you can’t use the inserts to jack up the rear, which would be a neat option. Overall though, it’s the peace of mind that the guard brings that makes it worth its money for me.

 We give this item four stars

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