Fuel Motorcycle "Sergeant" Sahara Pants

Looking for some cool – like Steve McQueen cool – but practical riding jeans – check out these Fuel Motorcycle "Sergeant" Sahara Pants

The PanAmScram – the big moto adventure from Alaska to Argentina had a detrimental impact on my riding jeans. I suppose 25K miles can do that to a garment, especially one over 3 years old. I was in the market for a pair of motorcycle jeans that were similar to the jeans I wore on the trip, but something sturdier and with some oomph!

My research led me to the doors of a Spanish outfit called Fuel Motorcycles who make the 'Sergeant Sahara Pants' and these are exquisite. A beautifully constructed pair of riding jeans made of 11.5oz heavy cotton twill, lined with a para-aramid anti-abrasion layer in the seat and knee areas. These come equipped with CE 2 level knee and hip armour, which sit in the outside knee pockets and can be removed for when not on the bike. The jeans are made from stretch denim which means they are extremely comfortable and don't need breaking in, unlike other motorcycle trousers on the market. The waterproof YKK zipper ensures that your crown jewels stay dry, in the event of a light shower. I particularly like the quilted stitching above the knee and the suede panels on the sides and inside of the knees - an area where constant contact with the bike can start to weaken the garment. These jeans come in a waxed bag with shoulder straps, which can be used on the bike to carry an open face helmet or essentials for riding around town.  

To test the mettle of the jeans, I took it for a thorough ride to assess the functionality. From the word go, these were extremely comfortable and the jeans fit like a glove because of the stretch denim. Often with motorcycle jeans, if the knee armour is on the outside there's a tendency to for it to shift upwards whilst riding, however with these the knee armour stayed firmly in place giving one the confidence that if the untoward did happen, the knee wouldn't be exposed to the tarmac. The stretch panels on the lumbar region make going between standing up (for off-roading) and sitting down a breeze - there's no hard areas or pointy bits that dig in your back which can happen with textile motorcycle trousers. Breathability of the jeans was good as well, as I didn't get hot at all and that’s saying something considering the heatwave we’re having in the UK, with temperatures ranging between 25-33 degrees Celsius.

The jeans are comfortable both worn on the outside and inside of boots. So technically, they do everything riding jeans should do and more - they're comfortable, breathable, flexible, protective, anti-abrasive and work both on and off-road. Aesthetically, these are just grand! The quilted stitching, the brown suede panels, the single zipper pocket on the front right of the trousers - all encapsulate retro coolness in a simple yet sophisticated fashion. Kudos to the designers! I suspect the jeans will look even better aged. I'm personally thoroughly impressed and by the number of compliments I got for these - so were a fair few bikers

I know most people switch to jeans in the summer for riding and then go back to lined textile trousers for the winters. As for me, after the PanAmScram, I'm a jeans 'convert' and wear them throughout the year - in the summer without any lining and in the winters with a base layer. These retail for €275.00, which sits in the middle of the range for riding jeans these days and like me if you use these throughout the year, then you're certainly getting a good return on your investment.

In summary, if you want a cool, functional riding jeans that compliment your Retro or Adventure bike, then click here and order a pair - you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

PS - they are a snug fit, so order a size up and order soon, as these are in extremely high demand. And finally to answer the big question - Would I wear these jeans on a big overland trip? In a heartbeat!


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