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The Overlander 30s are – as the name implies – a pair of saddlebags offering a combined capacity of 30-litres. Enough capacity, just, for our JB for a weekend in Wales, or if you’re RTW adventurer Steph Jeavons enough for 14 months riding non-stop around the world (go figure). There are no frames within the bags but sturdy, long straps mean you can get them to seriously hug your bike.

Steph’s have already gone 12 months of her trip – even to Antarctica – while JB’s have been to Wales and back twice! They are indeed sturdy items and the velcro’d-in liner has proven (in JB’s case, can’t speak for Steph) properly waterproof – and that lining was severely tested in what was a rain-lashed coast-to-coast ride.

They are deceptively simple devices: just Cordura outers, waterproof liners, a roll-closure top and a bundle of straps, but the value is in the quality, ruggedness and long life. At first you may think 30-litres isn’t enough, and if you’re used to giant touring panniers on RT/LT BMWs then maybe it isn’t, but for trailbike tours this is the correct amount if you want to still have a good handling bike. You can always add a 10 or 20-litre tail pack to the combo if you really insist.

Do we like them? You betcha we do. And they’ll stay in the kit store ready for plenty more trips to come, solid useful kit like this you treasure!

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