What is it?

A direct replacement for the stock 36mm Keihin carburetor on KTM/Husqvarna two-stroke models. The Lectron carburetor dispenses with conventional jets, instead a metering rod adjusts the mixture. Essentially the carb self-adjusts for external factors like altitude, air pressure as well as engine load. Lectron call their carb a plug ‘n’ play fitment. So, like with fuel injection, the idea is you never have to fiddle with jetting ever again…

How does it rate?

Warren M.: I love this piece of kit and if I had only a very limited budget it would be the first upgrade part I’d buy (combined with a K&N air filter). For the simple pleasure of removing the hassle of having to tune a stock carburettor combined with the improved power, throttle response and apparently fuel efficiency (I didn’t have a chance to test this thoroughly) I would rate this as THE absolute must in aftermarket purchases for a two-stroke.

Once fitted (an easy job), the bike fired on the first push of the starter button, with no choke and without any adjustment at all. The bike idled well and the throttle response was immediate and snappy. When ridden there was no low-end bogging and no pinking at the top. The throttle response was crisp and exceptionally responsive – totally plug ‘n’ play as Lectron say. I then rode the three days of the Tref and never once had to consider the carb or the fuelling.

The experience with the Lectron has been transformative. It’s a very special bit of kit and worthy of a thorough review, so that’s what we’ll give it in a coming issue. But for now – just wow!

Cost: ’98-16 KTM/Husqvarna two-strokes: US $385.00

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