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Sometimes we suspect we live under a rock. We’d not heard of MEFO before being introduced to the brand by international extreme enduro rider Paul Bolton at We’d called him up searching for some GoldenTyre enduro tyres (which have been low in stock in the UK) – and Paul strongly suggested we try instead the MEFO MFC16.

He had reason to, as he’s had a hand in the tyre’s development. It’s a broad spectrum tyre suitable for sand (as the name implies) as well as mud. It comes in two compounds too: soft, suitable for extreme events, and medium, which seems to suit just about everything else, so while this tyre is called a Sand Master it’s actually a go-anywhere tyre.

We liked the tyre immediately. The block pattern makes sense, looking like it’ll clear easily (it did!) and we like the full height blocks too – to this day we’re not sure the FIM height limitation on enduro race tyres really works as an eco solution (those lo-height tyres are wasted in a day, how’s that green?). And as well we like the pliability of this tyre, it feels like a soft compound and the sidewalls have a fair amount of flex, too. Oh, and we like the unusual 130-section sizing, it suits perfectly both long termers, the Husky TE300 and Yamaha WR250F.

Fitting was a breeze (using a Rabaconda) and the 130-section MEFO 18-1EX mousse that is matched to the tyre proved an easy fit. Thumbs up, as well, to MEFO, for the neat tub of mousse lube (plus latex gloves) they include with the mousse.

So far we’ve done the one event – the R3 rally raid – and with over 400km apiece on these tyres we’re very impressed. They’ve lost a little off the leading edges, but actually haven’t worn down at all as yet. The grip is excellent. The rally raid event offered every kind of terrain, from deep sand to hard pack, with typical forest riding in between – oh yes, and wet tarmac – and the MEFO hooks up so well and feels so predictable everywhere. Matched with a GoldenTyre GT216AA front the setup was just perfect.

So who are MEFO? Well, we’re struggling to find that out what with Paul being overseas right now, but they’re a German company, first established in 1977, and have made quite a name in sidecar cross (so we’re told) but as well with some excellent adventure tyres which, like the MFC16 here, boast excellent wear and grip performance. They’re clearly the most excellent tyre you may never have heard of.

Obviously we’ve more testing to come with these. So we’ll let you know how they go, but so far they’ve been excellent!

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