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After nearly 2000 miles (3250km) these are almost worn down to needing replacement. They’ve been excellent though. After the performance of the standard tyres on the CRF250L these have felt like riding on velcro when riding off-road. They were good for the coast-to-coast as hoped, but they properly proved themselves in the Eastborne Long Distance Trial, when despite running at road pressures of 30psi they still gave enough grip to clean but all of two of the 15 sections (just two dabs surrendered) for a second class finisher’s award. You do however need to exercise caution on the road for the front will skid if you crash-brake, particularly on dampish smooth tarmac. Just ride with that in mind and you’re okay, and they’re reasonably comfortable even over extended road riding. The price point is very reasonable too. And just as importantly – especially when it comes to insurance – they’re road legal.

We had ours supplied by Enduro Tyres (headed by the enthusiastic Al Ranger) in the UK and they’re another outfit offering excellent service. And Al is utterly dedicated to the enduro as a rider and a sponsor – we love to support those who support our sport.

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