Motion Pro Folding Sag Scale II

Motion Pro's folding sag scale makes setting the suspension sag on your dirt bike a joy...

Motion Pro Folding Sag Scale II

RRP: £34.99 / $32.99



Setting the sag on your dirt bike can be a faff. Tape measure, pen, paper, mates to hold the bike, you in full kit – it’s no wonder setting sag gets overlooked so often. And not least there’s the math involved, hardly stressful stuff, but how often do you go back, ‘sorry, I need the unloaded sag measurement again…’

Well, Motion Pro have a device here that’ll make at least 50% of the job that much easier. You’ve still got to get your gear on, still need mates to support the bike and take the readings – but no math.

Simply fit the cone-shaped axle pin into your axle then using the knurled adjuster slide the zero on the scale to your marker on your mudguard. You do that with the bike on the stand and the shock unloaded. Then take the bike off the stand and pump the suspension a couple of times and take the unloaded sag measurement. And the reading you’ll get on the scale is the number you need – say 35mm as a common sag setting. Then sit on the bike and put the scale up to the bike again (and the cone shaped axle pin will sit automatically in the correct place) and voila, hopefully something like 105mm (assuming you have the correct spring for your weight).

So there’s no math, once you have the zero (unloaded) set, you’re just reading off the scale. Not only is this easier, but much faster. So you’ll do that sag measurement more often, maybe each riding day – like you should.

And we like the scale’s design: made from 6061-T6 aluminium, anodised and laser-etched it’s accurate and durable. And it folds away neatly into your tool box.

A lovely bit of kit.

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