Premier Trophy Helmet

Wanting a modern helmet but with real 1970s styling? The Premier Trophy delivers...

Premier Trophy Helmet

€ 269.00



New bike – new kit. It follows, eh? So in keeping with the new long-term Triumph I went on the search for a lid that would hopefully combine retro looks with modern performance – and came across the Trophy from Premier. Premier were originally a US manufacturer who found favour with the likes of world champion road racer Phil Read back in the 1970s but are now designed and manufactured in Italy (rather like the Bell story). They offer a range of helmets from retro street and scrambler models through to thoroughly modern off-road and sports offerings.

Having one of those heads that sits between an L and XL depending on brand and style I opted for an L and while being a snug fit at first it felt like the right choice after a couple of days riding. With the squared-off chin bar (that mimics the style of the 70s Premiers) the Trophy is always going to feel close fitting in that area but it doesn’t take too much getting used to.

The Trophy is nicely finished inside and out, with a plush faux-leather lining and a period-correct button-down visor and is light, weighing in at just 1290g. Despite this it still achieves a 4 out 5 Sharp rating (Sharp being a British government run helmet testing facility), safety of course being the most important aspect of any lid. It also comes with a five-year warranty if you register your purchase online.

With some similarly styled retro lids being offered at some frankly ridiculous price points the Trophy comes in middle of the scale – reasonable coin for a very nice product. It wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice for long distance touring but that’s not what this model is designed for. For blatting round town and short Sunday afternoon blasts this is a sweet looking and well made helmet that looks so right with my Triumph. Happy days.

Alex Waters

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