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Flashback to 2014: Looking for ultimate protection for our long term Honda CRF250L, we couldn't go past these bomb-proof engine case protectors from R&G

Wanting some protection of our new CRF250L's motor we found these incredible engine case protectors from R&G.

These covers are moulded using 4mm polypropylene and fit over the cases using existing engine case bolt points (longer bolts are supplied). They’re a doddle to fit (only very slight hassle being the need to remove the brake lever on the RHS), fit snug and look good. I’ve heard the engine cases on the CRF250L don’t take rocky crash-landings so well (what engine case does?) so these seem like excellent protection – and as R&G’s case protectors having been tested in the cauldron of the GSX-R Cup we can assume they’ll do just fine here.

Later.... And they worked. Never tested in a flat-out fall down they nonetheless were there for when we rode rocky sections, and when we returned the CRF to Honda after the test, they left no marks on the cases. All was good. And just for piece of mind they're worth having.


R&G's product description:

This Engine Case Cover (Left Hand Side) is suitable for both the Honda CRF250L ('13 onwards) and Honda CRF250M ('13- onwards) providing essential core protection to the motorcycle engine in the event of a crash or drop. These exciting new Engine Case Covers have been developed in collaboration with selected race teams and crash tested within the R&G Racing Suzuki GSX-R Trophy. Crafted from 4mm polypropylene for strength, durability and good looks, they complement our crash protectors perfectly. The covers simply bolt on over the original engine casing so no messing with glue or removing anything. Slimline for maximum ground clearance, ultra lightweight, matt finish and protecting one of the most vulnerable parts of the machine, these could save you £'s in the event of an accident ... Ever seen the prices of a new engine casing or the cost of removing debris from your engine? Made in the U.K.




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