Supplied by www.raptortitanium.com (£209.00)

What are they?

Super-trick footpegs – made from aerospace-grade 6al-4v sheet titanium (4mm thick), Tig welded, 57mm wide, weighing under 500g for the pair. Covered by a two-year warranty. Used by many top professional riders, including Ryan Dungey. Our ‘pegs are the ones made 5mm down and 5mm back from the standard position (as used by Jonny Walker).

How do they rate?

Warren M.: I’ve had these pegs on my Husky for over a year now and they still look like new, they haven’t worn, they haven’t sagged, are still sharp and honestly they are Terminator strong! Together with a Husky high seat they’ve helped transform the TE300 for me, totally opening out the ‘cockpit’ area of the bike – these and that high seat have made the biggest difference of all the mods for me on this bike. The boot-to-peg grip with these foot pegs is brilliant while the width means they stay comfortable as there’s so much support. They are indeed pricey, but they are undoubtedly the best pegs in the market – just as ask Dungey!

We rate them five stars!

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