What is it?

A set of silicon coolant hoses to replace the OEM hoses, that also remove the thermostat from the cooling circuit. Samco Sport have an international reputation in motorsport, their hoses offer ‘improved reliability, durability and aesthetics’.

How does it rate?

Warren M.: I was keen to replace the stock radiator hoses on our KTM 200EXC with a set of Samco Sport silicone hoses firstly from a point of view of strength and durability but also because this kit allows the removal of the thermostat, something I don’t think is necessary for my riding and therefore while redundant is also a potential system failure point.

The Samco Sport hoses are all manufactured in the UK and come with a lifetime warranty. The bypass hose kit ensures that the coolant moves through the motor more freely and so keeps the engine temperatures down. Given that we seldom ride in extreme temperatures (higher than 30ºC or lower than freezing) I’ve found that this improves the overall operating temperature of the motor and aides significantly in preventing overheating. There were plenty of opportunities at the Tref (including queuing at difficult sections) for the 200 to overheat, but the bike never boiled. I know that’s not exactly scientific proof, but it’s empirical at least. I’ve found the Samco Sport hoses to be bullet proof and the upgraded clamps top off an excellent high-quality low cost upgrade. I fit them to all my bikes as a matter of policy.

Cost for the KTM 200EXC: UK £40.12

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