SIDI Crossfire SRS 2

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I have been putting my feet into Sidi boots for over 25 years and outside of dabbling with some Axo Turbo Plus boots so long ago that they’re now described as vintage I have been brand loyal to Sidi boots forever. And in my opinion for very good reason.

Before my current sets (yes I have FOUR pairs) of Crossfire SRS 2s I had the Crossfire TAs which I loved, although my size 45s were a little wide. The revised fit of the SRS 2s are slimmer internally and externally due to the way the new sole is attached and now I’m 100% satisfied.

In my opinion the SRS 2s offer the most comprehensive protection available in off-road boots today.  This is especially true when your foot is thrown back or ripped from the pegs by scrub, rocks or pretty much anything. The pivot ankle allows the foot to rotate comfortably while remaining rigid enough in the vertical plane and still offering feel, grip and response at the pegs. The slim construction of this boot also gives you an unrestricted inside and outside feel when steering the bike with your legs.  

The SRS 2s are slim, lightweight and have a very tactile feel on the bike. In fact they fit like a good Italian boot is expected to fit. I like the adjustable calf tabs, the interchangeable soles, the availability of spares and to top off this glowing praise the pièce de résistance for me is the comfort. These boots were made for spending hours if not days on the bike, I have never had sore feet or in fact any irritation at all anywhere when wearing these boots.

In short the only thing in my opinion that may beat these SRS 2s are the new SRS 3s The new boots will have a lot to live up to. I can’t wait to try them out.

We give these boots five stars!

SIDI – Joel Robert wore them

SIDI began in 1960 and was named from the first two letters of the founders name and surname, reversed. Dino Signori. Sidi were also mountain footwear specialists to begin with, but soon specialized in cycle and motorcycle footwear and still are to this day.

Dino worked with five-time world champion Joel Robert to create their first motocross boot, sold in the USA under the Full Bore brand name.


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