Sidi S3 Xtreme SRS

Our man in France Chris Evans has broken in his Sidi SRS Extreme’s and also been kind enough to send in his first field report...

So I’ve ridden 14 days with my Sidi X3 SRS boots and I think it is fair to say they’re the nicest boots I’ve ever worn – and there’s been a few. The reason is really very simple – they’re extremely comfortable. I took a bit of time adjusting all the straps after the initial break in period and the fit is now almost perfect. They don’t pinch anywhere but nor are they too loose at any one point. And as you can see they’re showing very little signs of wear. I’m particularly impressed with how the sole is bearing up where it comes into contact with the pegs. Normally I chew them up pretty good there but so far there’s virtually no deterioration. The other bonus is that you can actually walk in them, as I discovered when something fell off the bike and I had to walk 3 kilometres to retrieve it. The next big test will be when it comes to changing the sole, which apparently can be done with a screwdriver. I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on.

RRP: £329.99

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